About Online Casino Banking

The first step for anyone who wants to gamble in an online casino is opening up an account. This provides a little anxiety for some folks, because they don't quite know how to do it or if it is going to be safe for them.

Well, it is actually quite easy, and at most online casinos, their customer service people can walk you through it. What you're going to need, in most cases, is either a credit card or a bank account. Credit cards come in handy because they usually get posted immediately, so that when you give them the number, you can basically play right away, Bank accounts can be used if you are making a bank transfer to a casino, naturally, or if you are using them to open up an account with an electronic wallet service.

What you'll do is go to the "Cashier" page at the online casino of your choice. In some cases it is labeled "Banking." When you get there, you will see all the methods that will allow you to deposit and open up an account. Many times the page will also tell you which jurisdictions (i.e., your location) allow the various methods.

Then supply the information they require and you are going to be set in almost no time. If you have any problems through this process, most responsible casino operations will have customer service reps available around the clock, either by phone or live chat.

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Options Available for Making Deposits at Online Casinos

There are certainly many different ways in which you can make a deposit at an online casino. Of course, much depends on where you are located. From some countries, certain methods are not available.

Credit cards are perhaps the most popular way of opening up an account. Most casinos will deal with the majors, such as Visa or MasterCard, with a few accepting American Express or Diners Club. When you deposit using a credit card, your transaction will go through almost immediately.

However, a possible drawback to credit cards is the fact that you are giving up your financial information to the party you are doing business with (in this case the casino). Some customers are hesitant to do this. For that reason, the electronic wallet comes in handy. These are literally electronic payment systems that allow you to do transactions through their platform, so that there is a "buffer" of sorts between you and the casino. PayPal and Skrill are two examples of e-wallets, but there are many. Almost none of them are available to customers in the United States.

Bank transfers are a very popular method; all one has to do is execute it and send funds into a casino's account. Again, the U.S. forbids this. Gift cards have become popular in the United States, as they can be replenished. Western Union is a method as well, and it is like sending cash to the casino. Certified funds of some kind are generally accepted, such as a money order, but this slows down the process.

There are also electronic checks, which in the business are known generically as eChecks. These are written electronically the same way you would write a check on paper, except you will be attaching an electronic signature, and they work relatively quickly.

It would be fair to say that if you wanted to open up an online casino account, no matter where you are, you'll be able to find a way to do it.

How to Make Withdrawals at Online Casinos

When you are done playing, or have realized a certain profit, or want to leave one casino and go to another, you are going to want to take your funds out. This, of course, is known as a "withdrawal." To be honest, this is a bit of a "sticky" part of the business, because while deposits work very fast at most casinos, withdrawals tend to be much slower.

Just because you have deposited using a certain method, it does not mean that you can withdrawal through that same channel. Many online casinos will pay by check, or by sending you a bank wire. There are some that can do it in other ways, but one thing that is a general rule is that there is going to be a limit on how much you can withdraw in any 24-hour or one week period.

Probably the best policy anyone can follow is to investigate the withdrawal policy of any casino you are considering signing up with. You don't want to get stuck waiting and waiting for your funds. And because of that problem, this has become a competitive part of the industry, with casinos advertising the speed at which they are able to execute withdrawals. By all means, find one that is fast.

Options Available for Making Withdrawals at Online Casinos

When you are dealing with a casino, you want to make sure that you can make your withdrawals easily and without a whole lot of headaches. That isn't always possible. But for that reason, you need to familiarize yourself with some of the ways you can execute a withdrawal at an online casino.

It would be easiest if you could just have some money added to your account through your credit card, and there are indeed some cases where customers, depending on the jurisdiction, can have their withdrawal made thru a Visa, for example. But that doesn't happen in a lot of places.

It is possible to receive withdrawals through other methods, certainly. If you have made your deposit through an electronic wallet, like Skrill (MoneyBookers) or others, you can get paid back from an online casino just as you have paid to them, in many cases. That is what the electronic wallet was created for.

Gift cards represent an instrument that has found favor with a lot of customers, particularly in the United States, for their ability to be replenished on the part of the casino. In other words, you can use it almost like a debit card and the casino can add to its value.

More popular methods of withdrawal are through a bank wire that comes directly to your financial institution, or by check. The first alternative, the bank wire, may be prohibited in jurisdictions like the United States, although sometimes those transactions are able to be made by more or less disguising the source of the funds.

Casinos most certainly do not mind writing a check and sending it to you. Generally this will be done through a processing company, and it is sent by some overnight method, which may be able to deliver it the next day or within two days.