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It is said that the software is more or less the "engine" that allows an online casino to function at full capacity. Indeed, the software that is designed for a casino will shape the entire user experience, from beginning to end, whether it is in a download or no-download suite. There are a number of software companies that develop casino games, and they are all innovative in their own way. We'd like to introduce you to some of them.

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Microgaming is widely-known through online casino circles as an industry leader in many ways. And the company has certainly been at it long enough. It was originally formed to erect an online casino, and it had one of the first, before the decision was made to shut that down and service the entire industry, or as much of it as they could.

Now Microgaming has grown to the point where it makes more games than anyone else. When the company's casino partners offer the full suite to their customers, they will have over 600 games at their disposal, the majority of which are slot games.

What Microgaming does that is especially strong is that it gives consumers a lot of choice and a lot of flexibility. So there is every kind of slot game imaginable, and within the "Gold Series" of games there are up to two dozen different variations of blackjack that can be played.

And the player options are mind-boggling. Microgaming allows customers to literally create a casino atmosphere of their very own, with controls that can establish all kinds of ambient sounds or shut them off entirely and the ability to go to three different speeds with many of the games. And that's not all; Microgaming's offerings allow customers to play many of the games on AutoPlay, which means that you set the parameters, press a button, and, for example, a slot game will spin over and over again with the same bet in place. Or the video poker program will make the decisions to "hold" all by itself for you.

Most companies have a long way to go before they catch up to Microgaming.


Playtech has been around a long time; almost as long as the online casino business itself.

Not only has Playtech always been on the cutting edge when it comes to designing games, it has also been a very versatile company. They are involved not just with casino gaming online, but also in building platforms that work for poker, sports betting and bingo, and they have come very far in the mobile gaming space.

Playtech is favored by players because of the superior 3D graphics that they put into action. These are some of the best-looking games you will find, almost exploding onto viewers' screens. And there are plenty of player options to take advantage of, including the ability to change the size and speed of a game.

The thing that Playtech may be identified with most, however, is the collection of "Marvel Slots" that it makes available to players, which is a by-product of a licensing deal the company has established with the folks at Marvel Entertainment. Yes, you may recognize that name from the comic book series, and Playtech brings some of those comic book characters to life within the context of sexy slot games.

So customers get to play slot games with the theme of Iron Man, X Men, The Incredible Hulk, Elektra and many others. These are always favorites, and Playtech presents them in a very unique way. This company has a lot of clients, and you can very rarely go wrong when you see their games, whether it is download or no-download mode.

Realtime Gaming

Realtime Gaming software is a veteran company, having done business in the online casino world for many years; since 1999, in fact. And in the business, it is rarely referred to as Realtime, but as RTG. One of the characteristics of RTG software that makes it different than many of the others, and what has afforded it a real foothold when it comes to grabbing players from underserved areas, is the fact that it facilitates action from customers who are based in the United States. Many of the outfits that produce high-quality games have pulled away from the U.S. market, but RTG has held firm, and they have benefited as a result.

So have American customers.

One of the calling cards for RTG is the "Real Series" of slots, which bring both innovative design and a user-friendly nature to the table. This list of online slot games includes many favorites such as Ronin, Aztec's Treasure, Cleopatra's Gold, Caesar's Empire, Mister Money, Crazy Vegas and Pay Dirt. There are about 100 different Real Series games to choose from.

There is variety in the other games offered by RTG as well. They offer eight different blackjack variations, as well as more video poker games than you can likely handle.

RTG also allows the operators who are licensing their software to customize their own payout percentages, and this is something that can wind up being beneficial for the customer.

The selection of games that is available through RTG is very healthy, and they certainly enhance it with the fact that there is more accessibility, especially from the largest market on earth (the U.S.).

IGT Interactive

International Game Technology, which is better known in the gambling industry as IGT, is best recognized as the leader in the design and manufacture of slot machines and video terminal games for the land-based casino world. But of course, there were worlds to conquer in the online gaming space, and IGT was uniquely equipped to step in and compete.

What IGT Interactive has been doing is making a big move into the online sector, and they have made partnerships with casinos to do just that. IGT has some high-end slots for people to use online, such as Day of the Dead, Diamond Queen, Elvis The King, Ghostbusters Star Trek: Against All Odds., Arabian Riches, Coyote Moon, Cluedo, Cats, Battleship: Search and Destroy and Cleopatra. There are three mega jackpots available, and they don't skimp on the table games and video poker either. There are some unique offerings like Hot Streak Blackjack and Power Blackjack, along with 3 Wheel Roulette.

Mobile games include blackjack, roulette, four different variations on video poker and interesting slot games such as Elvis - A Little More Action. IGT boasts a decade of experience in developing mobile games, and has some brand strength in the respect that some of the titles have been played with success in the land-based environment. As they like to put it, they can go "head-to-head with any other casino games from any supplier—and win. We make the best performing games."

IGT Interactive has mobile games that are available in either the Android or iOS platforms. They appear in any of fourteen different languages and are compatible with 31 currencies. Yes, they are international indeed!