A Clear Map Forward For Legal Online Casino Action In The U.S.

Date Added: May 31, 2017

Despite what you may have heard as of late, all signs point to further expansion of legal online casino action in the U.S. Now that being said, the manner in which legal online gambling is coming about is not a straightforward path by any measure. Nevertheless, there are quite a number of signs pointing to the way forward.

Start with the hard to miss spread of daily fantasy sports betting legislation in various locations around the country. For the record, as of this writing, note that around 20% of the U.S. population now reside in a state where legal fantasy sports bets are deemed legal.

More importantly, pay attention to the fact that this number is widely expected to increase by the end of 2017. Most estimates suggest that the percentage of the U.S. population living in states with legal fantasy sports betting will increase to some 35%. To put that number in perspective, understand that in real numbers that translates to some 75 million potential customers.

Next up is the hard to overlook clever new definitions that are showing up in state legislatures. More often than not these ‘gray’ definitions are being used to legalize gambling options that ordinary citizens would immediately identify as online sports betting.

At the same time that this is going on, note that there are some rather large sized betting companies entering the market. Think such names as William Hill as well as Paddy Power Betfair. You may be interested to learn the Paddy Power Betfair only recently announced the outright acquisition of the U.S. based fantasy sports betting app named Draft.

Lastly, there are the moves by states interested in legalizing online gambling. This is showing up in the form of outright legal challenges to the PASPA federal ban on sports betting. For the record, no less than six states have already introduced legislation that would legalize sports betting for their residents.

As you might well suspect, quite a number of online gambling pundits see legalizing online sports betting as the first step forward. Once legal sports betting becomes more widespread, the next logical move is to take it to the next level. As in legalizing online casino action.

Keep in mind that quite a number of legislators around the country that are looking to fill sizable budget gaps look to the example of the state of New Jersey. Stay tuned as this topic continues to develop throughout the remainder of the year.