Next Big Thing For Online Gambling Sites?

Date Added: Jun 07, 2017

That is exactly the question that a widely respected online gambling site by the name of SlotsMillion Casino attempted to answer. Following is what this is all about.

Recognizing that the online casino player is looking for the very best online gambling experience possible, the team at SlotsMillion Casino decided to take a detailed look at new technology options.

As you probably know, SlotsMillion Casino has established somewhat of a reputation for offering superior online casino experiences. With this in mind, SlotsMillion Casino chose to commission a study on the rapidly advancing technology of virtual reality.

With this study, the SlotsMillion Casino research team queried a number of online casino player demographics. The results of this study indicate that a startlingly high 80% of the Generation Y representatives, 66% of the demographic group of the 35-54-year-olds, and 56% of the over-55-year-olds answered YES to the question of whether they were in interested in virtual reality casino technology.

In other words, a good majority of all age groups expressed interest in virtual reality as it relates to online gambling sites. As you might well expect, the younger the age group, the more interest was expressed.

Another interesting point to note from the SlotsMillion Casino virtual reality research is the clear expectation that no less than 171 million people will be using some sort of virtual reality technology as early as 2018. Get this: early projections indicate that in 2017 alone, revenue from the sale of virtual reality products and technology are forecast as approaching $4.6 Billion.

The CEO of SlotsMillion Casino took the time to comment on this report. CEO Alexandre Tomic was quoted as saying the fundamental phase of creating awareness in consumers about virtual reality has been successful. Tomic went on toe note that as of now it is only the limited opportunity of trying a virtual reality headset that has prevented many from doing so.

Bottom line: the next step forward for the online gambling industry certainly seems to be in the direction of virtual reality.